Thursday, April 19, 2012

A-Z Microfiction: Q is for Queensland

Today's alphabetical microfiction takes us to Queensland in Australia, our first visit to the continent that as called Australasia when I was in school and Oceania on Wikitravel :) Any passing folk from the region care to tell me which is the preferred term? 


The small city of Townsville was busy when Kevin and Jack's boat departed.
"So are you guys checking out the wreck?" the skipper asked Kevin.
"No. . . " Kevin said.
"Then what brings you out here?" The skipper took off his felt cap and raked fingers through his hair. "Most people come to see the Yongala. I dove down myself a few years back - very interesting spot."
"We might see the Yongala," Jack said. "We hope to. If we have time on the way back."
He hastily hid the Ghost Ship Hunters business card that Kevin had let fall.

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  1. Oooh, slightly creepy story today, wonder if they come across any ghosts from the Yongala... Never heard about that tragic ship so found that interesting.
    I had no idea they have changed the term for the Australias.

    1. I only found out recently myself! I found out about this ship last week while reading about Queensland and thought it was a very interesting story.

  2. i am always interested in ships with ghosts stories--nice

    1. Lynn, I've just got interested in ships and ghosts recently - are there any good books with ships and ghosts in them that I should read?


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