Monday, April 23, 2012

A-Z Microfiction: T is for The Moon

Yes, OK, it's a bit of a cheat using The Moon for T, but seriously, when have you ever heard someone call it 'Moon'? :) And I wanted to do Monaghan for M, but I also wanted to have a space story in here somewhere. So, guys, today is the equivalent of winning the air miles lottery on our flash fiction world tour.

Only twelve people have set foot on the Moon. They have been farther from Earth than anyone else, they are the only people to have seen the far side of the moon, and they are the only people to walk on an astronomical object other than Earth. For this reason, I have tried to use their names respectfully, but I have had to populate my little story with real people.

The Moon

"I intend," said Commander Alan Shepard, "to be the first man to play golf on the moon." He produced the golf club and balls he had smuggled aboard their spacecraft.
"You may as well be the first," said Mitchell. "Because once they start letting the tourists up here, you'll never be the best."
Shepard pulled a face.
"Why golf, anyway?" asked Mitchell. "You could be the first man to do almost anything on the moon. Read a book. Drink a Coke. Play hopscotch. Why did you choose golf?"
"Because I like it," Shepard said. "And because it doesn't have any values. The moon shouldn't be about a writer or a drinks company. It should be for everyone. And golf is just golf. No one can have a problem with it."
He placed one of his golf balls on the tee and began to aim.

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  1. I haven't a clue about golf but I wish Commander Shepard a good game while he and his team have the moon to themselves! Take care

  2. my husband would love this--thinking of hitting some balls soon

  3. Hi! Just stumbled across your blog and I'm really enjoying it, especially today's installment - I've got a bit of a geeky obsession with the people who have walked on the moon. I think Alan Bean was my favourite.

    I've been doing a similar sort of blog myself (without the alphabetical constraint). Here's today's:

  4. Well done, Ellen!

    Strictly speaking, the golf on the moon bit they did never impressed me much, but that was my dislike of the game which is a good walk wasted talking...

    And if you haven't seen it, check out the documentary film In The Shadow of the Moon.

  5. Great piece, I think the commander may see his problem with golf once he hits the ball :)

  6. Loved this. See, I couldn't resist a story set in space!


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